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The Impact of Ecological Concern on the Green Purchasing Behavior
Green marketing means manufacturing and marketing of nature-friendly products based on consumer requests and demands. The social consciousness that has been developing in recent years lead companies to social responsibility activities. Those businesses which accomplish this improve their prestige and image. They can also influence those consumers which have a raised awareness of environment, and thus carry out an important public relations activity. The current study addressed consumers’ approach to green products and the influence of this on the buying process. Moreover, a literature search was carried out on this topic, and subject matters like green marketing, green marketing mix items, green buying behaviour, etc. were discussed. In this context, a questionnaire consisting of 26 questions was administered to 300 consumers. The data collected were explained with the help of structural equation model. The relationships between the latent variables and observed variables of the study were shown with the help of the Path diagram, and construct reliability and goodness-of-fit criteria were given. The study analysed the influence of environmental concern, consumer effectiveness and environmental knowledge on the attitude towards green products and the intention to buy, and also the influence of the intention to buy on the buying behaviour. The data obtained in the study support the literature to a great extent. Previous studies also showed that the intention to buy green products positively influenced the buying behaviour. Unlike other studies, however, the current study indicates that those individuals who are concerned about environment do not have the intention to buy green products. According to the other results of the study, the perceived consumer effectiveness and the perceived environmental knowledge influence the intention to buy green products.

Green Marketing, Green Product, Green Purchasing, Environmental Concern, Structural Equation Model

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