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Suicide and Media
In this study, the relationship between suicide and media was examined. Recent studies indicated that suicide rates have been increasing in many countries over the years. In comparison, the number of suicidal events in our country reflect some similarities to the number of suicidal rates in the world. In this regard, suicide is a matter of a great concern to public health which should be paid close attention to. With the development of technology, mass media, which rapidly entered to human life, has become an crucial part of daily life. The magnitude of impacts of the media on individuals' emotions, behaviors and attitudes has been the subject of many studies. In this respect, the relationship between the phenomenon of suicide and the media should be examined in terms of understanding the dynamics of suicide and preventing it. The effects of the media on suicidal behavior have been questioned for many years and this relationship has been examined in many studies. The results indicated that the representation of suicide news in a certain way, by encouraging and dramatizing, could be a trigger for suicidal behavior. For this reason, reporting suicide news in media has been regulated in many countries. In this study, the characteristics of news about suicidal behavior of individuals will be evaluated from a theoretical perspective and the effect of media on suicidal behavior will be examined with examples. As a result, preventive studies are needed for suicidal behavior, which is an important factor in terms of individual and social well-being. Legal sanctions are needed to be put into practice as soon as possible. It is essential that media, has a strong influence on the society should deliver the suicide news in a way that is free from the incentive effect and has an alternative solution.

Suicide, Society, Media, Effect, Mass Media.

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