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Examining 8th Grade Science Coursebook from Educational, Visual and Language Perspective
According to the results of biology education research, one of the important reasons for misconceptions in students is textbooks having misconceptions, inaccurate information, and faulty design in visual, language and expression perspectives. Correcting and updating the errors and misconceptions determined by science education researchers in textbooks is an excellent opportunity for both improving textbook perfection and the level of current biology education. In this study, the biology units in the textbook, which were decided to be taught as “8th Grade Science Coursebook” for five years from the 2018 academic year by the Ministry of National Education, were examined with a critical point of view. The main purpose of this examination was to determine whether the coursebook contains inconsistencies in terms of scientific content, educational design and textbook qualifications. For this purpose, the related units are examined in terms of the possibility of including misconceptions and textbook design errors. Document analysis method was used for data analysis. The misconceptions identified in the written and visual content of the units examined are listed in the tables together with scientific errors, presentation errors, language and expression errors, visual errors and solutions for how to correct them. In order not to be caused additional misconceptions and in order students to comprehend the scientific content easier it is suggested to make it suitable for instruction through correcting all the errors and misconceptions determined in related coursebook in the light of solution offers.

8th Grade, Science, Examining Textbook, Biology Education, Misconceptions.

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