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Importance df Critical Thinking in the Understanding of the Divine Message
The Qur'an, which is sent to the people serve as a guidance and mirror of the truth, contains many information in order to perform this function, and provides evidence and provides examples to internalize by understanding the truth that people who are the respondents want to show. The desire of the human being is to establish an arbitrary faith and not to imitate the faith and the social life by evaluating the evidences presented to its own by persuading the truth. The first step in achieving this result will be to carry out an intense mental activity on the evidence shown in the divine message. For this reason, the Quran has shown the importance given to thought by encouraging people to think in many verses. The idea that will open the way for realizing the truth of the information and evidence shown in the Qur'an is not an in-depth thought, but rather an in-depth thought. In this article, the role and importance of critical thinking in the understanding of the divine message, which is one of the most important qualities that the thinking action must have in order to result in a qualified product, will be discussed in the axis of Qur'an.

Qur'an, Knowledge, Faith, Thought, Critical Thinking.

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