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The Reflection of the Women Movement on Tanzimat Reform Era Education
Tanzimat Reform ERA which is seen as a reflection of the Age Enlightenment in Ottoman Empire, can be called an important milestone on the grounds that it was an age in which the status of women was seriously debated, discussed and scrambled via both social and political and literature and media organs. As for the modernisation efforts, without a doubt the issue of women education came first, legal regulations made about the subject, works written in literature and broadcasts of media organs, even though it was limited, made it possible for women to reach the right of education opportunity.With the increasing number of educated women, women started to take more part in social life with the identity of teacher because of the girl schools opened, with the identity of authors because of the novels they wrote, with the identity of journalist-publisher because of the magazines and newspapers they published.The purpose of this work is to analyze, in Tanzimat Era, the legal regulations for the women education in the social and political fields, what the opinions were about the women education in the literature works in that era, how women education was approached in media organs and putting forth which developments happened about women education in West at the same era, in its own circumstances of this era. By taking into consideration all of these factors, in terms of morals being questioned, the request of rights and freedom coming up, these being put into practice by discussing in the society; it can be said that Tanzimat Era led up to begin a women movement uttered and heard with the help of literature works, magazines and newspapers in Ottoman society.

The Tanzimat Period, Education of Women During the Tanzimat Period, Women, Education, Modernization,

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