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Evaluation of Private Military Companies in Terms of Business Ethics
Ethical issues are an integral part of business life and daily life. Business ethics concern the ground rules of individual, company and societal behavior. With industrialization, business activities have become more complex and this occasionally causes violations of rights. The number of private military companies increased rapidly in the conflict areas after 1990. The purpose of this study is to examine the activities of private military companies in terms of business ethics and to emphasize the necessity of a human-centered thinking system. In the study, firstly, the definition of private military companies was made and then the differences between private security companies were mentioned. Then, the definition of business ethics was made. Finally, the situation of private military companies in terms of business ethics has been evaluated by considering some experienced events. In the 21st century, non-ethical activities such as operations of private military companies, severe human rights violations, ill-treatment of prisoners of war, torture and rape were recorded in various official reports in countries such as Iraq and Afghanistan. Therefore, it cannot be said that private military companies are very successful in practice morally and legally. These new companies, known in the past as names such as legionnaires or mercenaries, but nowadays referred to as private military companies or private military contractors, have reached an annual turnover of over $ 200 billion and the number of employees expressed in hundreds of thousands. However, the uncertainty of the positions and responsibilities of private military companies in armed conflicts brings along many moral and legal problems. Along with the law, violations of rights can be prevented by addressing people's moral worlds, hearts and consciences.

Ethics, Business Ethics, Companies, Private Military Companies, Security.

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