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Activities of the Turkish Gendarmerie Against Armenian Events in the III. Army Region
Gendarmerie General Command was established to constitute peace in the country by ensuring the life and property security of the people. With the arrangement made on July 21, 1914, just before the start of the First World War, the gendarmerie forces were divided into two parts as fixed and mobile, so that during the war years, it was tried to provide internal peace and security in the country on the one hand, on the other hand, by serving on various fronts on the other hand. Contributed to the defence of the country against the occupation of the country. Undoubtedly, the most critical task of the Turkish Gendarmerie in order to maintain the peace and tranquillity in the country by ensuring the life and property security of the people behind the front is their activities against the Armenian incidents. The Gendarmerie forces were the first to intervene in the confusion and actions caused by the Armenians in the Eastern Anatolia and the martyrdom in the clashes. Despite all the negative conditions of this period, the Turkish Gendarmerie provided great services behind the front, such as ensuring the security of the communication lines, performing search and screening activities in the villages, following the escape of the escaped: Armenian groups and soldiers, ensuring the security of life and property of the locals and preventing separatist movements. This work was carried out by the Turkish Gendarmerie Organization III. It was prepared by using the Military History Documents Journal and other basic works, especially the documents in the Ottoman Archive and the Archives of the Turkish Revolution History Institute, which were prepared to demonstrate their activities against the separatist Armenian movements in the provinces under the responsibility of the Army Command.

First World War, Gendarmerie, Security, Order, Terror.

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