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Investigate of Postgraduate Dissertations on the Curricula of Physics, Chemistry and Biology Courses
The aim of this study is to reveal the tendency of postgraduate dissertations on the curricula of physics, chemistry and biology courses in high schools of Turkey. In parallel with the aim of this study, the research subject, research method, sampling, study group, data collection tools and distribution in data analysis techniques of the aforementioned postgraduate dissertations were examined. In this study using of screening model, 80 theses including 47 master’s theses and 33 doctoral theses were examined. For data analysis, document analysis and content analysis methods were applied. According to the conclusions of this study, curriculum assessment, academic achievement, learning approaches, teaching models, teaching methods and techniques, coursebook analyses, teaching materials and attitude research were the most frequently used subjects in postgraduate dissertations. Quantitative research method, qualitative research method and mixed research method were most applied methods respectively in these dissertations. In quantitative research, survey model ranked first and experimental model ranked second while case study model in qualitative research was the most preferred model. Majority of sampling/study groups in these dissertations is comprised of students and teachers. As data collection tools, scales, interviews, questionnaires, achievement tests, documents and observation techniques were mostly used. As for data analysis techniques, descriptive statistical techniques and parametric statistical techniques came first. In descriptive statistics, percentage, frequency, arithmetic mean, standard deviation ranked first while in parametric statistics t-test and ANOVA were mostly chosen. Except for descriptive statistics in qualitative aspect, descriptive analysis and content analysis were used. In line with the results of this research; it is suggested that experimental models, qualitative and mixed research methods should be given more place in researches; the number of postgraduate studies in physics, chemistry and biology courses in high schools should be increased; research subjects should be determined in a way that contributes to the related fields and should be original; various and appropriate sampling groups should be preferred in order to determine sampling groups; data collection tools should be varied, data analysis parts should be stated in a more explanatory and detailed way; correct data analysis methods should be chosen, and similar research should be performed on articles and academic proceedings carried out in the related field.

Curriculum, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Postgraduate Thesis.

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