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Perceıved Risks of Consumers in The Retailing Sector: An Application in The Supermarkets
In today’s work life which focused consumer, the aim of firms is providing the needs and demands at the highest level and be suceesful in market. When researching the the causes of successful supermarkets, it must be take form required factor is the risks which consumer faced. In this process the consumer has been faced to performance, physical, financial, lose time, social and psychological risks. This study, which is aiming at draw attention to the significance of the perceived risks of consumers in the process of purchasing decision, consists of two parts. In the first part, the theoritical informations regarding the perceived risks of consumers will be explained. The second part is related to the case study in which data gathered from the questionnaire related to supermarket consumers who lives in the central district in Kars were analyzed. According to results of the analysis; the social risk and performans risk varies statistically by sexuality; total risk and financial risk varies statistically by market in which shopping is made. In attidion, it was acquired that the time risk varies meaningfully by shopping duration. Finally, there is a positive relation between the sort of risks and the risk decreasing strategies.

Supermarket, Perceptioned, Risk, Kind of Perceptioned Risks

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