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Seçilmiş Avrupa Ülkelerinde Ekonomik Kriz ve Cinsiyetçi Yaklaşımın Gelişimi
The present crisis ravaging the economy has tremendously affected the European labour markets. And as a result of this situation, the employment level has dropped significantly in virtually all countries in the world. After a series of studies, it was observed that the female employment level wasn't badly affected by different stages of the recession, unlike their male counterpart. The second phase is one that is characterized by the execution of incentive packages that should have in several ways been more advantageous to male employment. The next phase, which is the third, includes stricter plans in the society that was particularly harsh to the female employees. This paper's main objective is to elaborate and examine the latest employment trend for both men and women during diverse phases of the current crisis ravaging the six European countries of the world. The influence of the crisis has narrowed down the gender gap in most European countries, especially Spain. And this alone is primarily explained by the different gender sectorial segregation. When it comes to sectoral segregation, women are the ones who are the least protected, and this is because they have lost more jobs than they should have if they equally distributed across several sectors in the economy during the crisis.

Anahtar Kelimeler
Crisis, Recession, Unemployment, EU Countries, Gender Policies.

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