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Mutazila’s Understanding of Politics
Mutazila sect's views on politics in general, the management and the necessity of the administrator, the administration "The Quraysh" privilege, the administrator must have the qualifications, "superiority" a matter of coming to office manager form of government resources and subjects. The majority of them, according to them is necessary to appoint the head of state. According to some, however, the head of state is not always necessary. According to them, the right way to keep the ummah and the proper administration of justice manifested itself in case, there is no need for the president. Mutazila, rejecting The Caliphate from Quraysh in principle, the practice seems to have accepted the reality of being from Quraysh. According to them, the person to be imam; should know that the Quran and the Sunnah, political knowledge, and must be fair. Mutazila most emphasized concepts "preferable" and "unpreferable" considerations. Era of the Four Caliphs and their applications have been approved by almost all Mutazila. Also they have, the imamate, and this is evident in the Ummah is reached with the selection, the consensus, he says. Mutazila this study, we have demonstrated the concept of politics. They are some of the politics and the balance within a team taking into consideration the criteria taken into consideration. In addition, for that matter, where sectarian diversity within and it is observed to have hardened into a confrontation.

Mutazila, Imamate, Caliphate, Politics, Understanding.

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