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Denominating of Diwan in Classical Turkish Literature
The poem in Classical Turkish Literature was placed in a prominent position than prose. The diwans which consist of high literal value, was placed before masnavi which is a long poem. Therefore this period of our literature was denominating as Diwan Literature by historians of literature. The work diwan which originated from Persian Language, as a literal term is the name of the work which is consisting of a clear copy of collected poems in order. Diwan, as will be arranged by the poet himself, also can be created by anyone else. While a poet usually has arranged one diwan, some poets have created more than one. The writers with less writings, have sayd divançe (little diwan) to the small volume works consist of collected poems. In this paper; the diwans which have published as boks or theses were researched according to denominating of diwans, also unlike the common naming were ascertained the diwans with proper names. In the first part, were investigated the poets pseudonym, name, father’s name etc. words with the word diwan as combination naming. And in the second part as is seen in the diwans of Ali Şir Nevayi; he has pointed out to diwans in which not diwan terms within the texts and which are special names. It was assertained that giving the proper name not belong just to a certain period, but in every century can be seen. I have not mentioned to biographies of poets that give specific name of his diwan, forms and content features of their diwans, I have just refered to the bibliography.

Ottoman Poem, Diwan, Denominating, To Give a Nickname, Proper Noun.

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