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The Hadithism of Sehzâde Korkud (In Particular, His Work Called Wasilat al-Ahbab Bii‘jaz)
One of the Ottoman Sultans, son of the 2nd. Bayezid, Prince Korkud, beside being administrative officer,he has written a lot of works. Under the supervision of his grand father Fatih Sultan Mehmed, he has received a good education from the teachers in the palace. He has learnt arabic and persian, since he was a youngster, he has focused on arts and science studies.The books telling about his biography said that an expert met with him in Antalya and found him as an ‘Imam in hadith’, “usul” , “ esmau-rijal “and that he is an “ocean” in the sciences of history. We come across a laudible piece of information. To make these words verified, and when we look at the books that Prince (Şehzade) wrote, we can see clearly that this person is deeply interested in hadith and sciences. He had a rich library in which there are many books related to science and hadith. In his work called (Wasīlat al-ahbâb), which we have examined in detail, we can see that there are 130 ‘RIWAYA’ using the methods of muhaddith. The other ottoman princes when considered together with their surroundings and the administrative duties they assumed, we can say that the evalution of Ottoman princes is not a dismissive expression. We have only reviewed the books. Once all his books were examined, the evaluation related to şehzade Korkud could have been put forward more clearly.

Hadith, Ulûm al-hadith, Imam, Prince Korkud.

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