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The Evaluation of the Books Selected by the Children of the Children of 3-4 Years in Accordance with the Suıtable for Children, by the Selected Age Group, by the Students of the Child Development Department
In early childhood, the first source that introduces children to two branches of art, including both painting and literature, is illustrated story books. Illustrated story books for children supports cognitive, language and social emotional development. The pictures in the story books used in early childhood is important that the story has the feature of explaining the subject, developing the imagination and aesthetic feelings, sometimes taking the place of a word and sometimes embodying the meaning of the word in the written text. In order to comprehend complex objects and events, the integrity of text and picture is the criterion sought. Adults read Illustrated story books, while children listen and look at their pictures. In this study, children were asked to tell their story books by looking at the pictures without the help of adults. In this study, childrens were asked to explain the storybooks by looking at the pictures without the help of adults. In the research, illustrated story books prepared for the age of 3-4 (identity information, internal and external structure criteria) were examined and screened. Children were asked to visually read the books that met the criteria. When the children's responses and comments are analyzed quantitatively, it is seen that there is no significant relationship between gender and the responses to the content picture (x2(1)=,337; p>.05). As a matter of fact, the observed frequency and expected frequency values were found to be quite close to each other. Again, no significant difference was found between the gender and the responses to the cover art ((x2(1)=,887; p>.05) and the responses to the story-picture match (x2(1)=,939; p>.05). The cover pictures of the books examined in frequency distribution were found to be compatible by the researchers for 43 (95.6%) and 14 (56.0%) children. In the content pictures, the researchers found the books to be compatible with 97.8% and children 48.0%.

Children's books, Children's literature, Literature review criteria.

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