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Examination of Nomophobia and Anxiety During the Epidemic Period
With the development of technology and the introduction of smart phones into our lives, the new phobia of the age has been Nomophobia, which is expressed as the fear of being deprived of a smart phone. Along with the COVID 19, which has taken the world under its influence, the restrictions brought to control the epidemic and the changes in daily life have made individuals dependent on phones used in all areas of life for reasons such as communicating with their relatives and shopping over the internet. The research was conducted with the online survey method on a voluntary basis to individuals aged 18 and over, who were selected by convenience sampling method throughout Turkey and using smart phones. In the study, the Nomophobia Scale (NMP-Q) consisting of 20 items and four sub-dimensions and the epidemic anxiety scale consisting of 18 items and four sub-dimensions were used.The aim of the study is to examine the level of nomophobia and anxiety of the society during the COVID 19 epidemic period we are in. As a result of the research, while there was no significant difference between the socio-demographic variables such as age, marital status, educational status and place of residence and the participants' nomophobia and anxiety levels, it was concluded that there was a significant difference between gender and nomophobia and anxiety levels. In addition, it was found that there was a significant difference between the state of having COVID-19 and the level of anxiety and the fear of contracting COVID-19 and the level of nomophobia and anxiety. As a result of the correlation analysis, it was concluded that there is a significant relationship between the nomophobia scale and the epidemic anxiety scale.

COVID-19, Anxiety, Nomophobia, Epidemic, Socio-demographic.

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