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A Systematic Analysis of Empirical Studies in the Reasons for Watching Horror Movie
This study focuses on the literature that problematizes the reasons/experiences of watching horror movies, and presents a systematic analysis of the existing literature. The study used the data obtained by scanning the word 'horror films' in the Google Scholar and PsycInfo databases. Two inclusion criteria were determined when accessing the data: First, the study's title included horror movies. Second, the study was published in English in peer-reviewed journals. Studies measuring exposure to non-horror film genres were excluded from the research. A total of 42 studies were included in the analysis based on the existing criteria. The research questions sought to be answered in the study were developed as follows: Why do we like watching horror movies? Why is fear attractive? Is there a relationship between preference and enjoyment of horror movies and personality types, gender differences, and other individual differences? How do we develop our sense of fear while watching a horror movie? How do we deal with this emerging emotion? What are the psychological and emotional consequences of watching horror movies? Is it possible to talk about a relationship between being exposed to horror movies and being extremely curious? The answers were made visible over 9 categories: Controlling chaos, self-esteem and surprising solutions, sexuality, and punishment, attitudes that need emotion, tendency to daydream, exposure strategy, choice of ending type, spoiler effect, gender variable, and permanent damage at the end of the movie. From a general point of view, empirical studies on the psychology of watching horror movies show that this is possible not only with psychology, psychotherapy, communication studies, developmental studies, clinical psychology, and media studies but also with the eclectic bond established between disciplines. Given the limited research on the subject, this analysis can be seen to summarize the current state of knowledge and develop guidelines for future research.

Horror, Horror movies, Literature review, Systematic analysis.

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