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Social Factors Intergenerational Transfer of Alcohol Use: The Case of the Selami Ali (Selamsız) Gypsies
There is a complex pattern of many factors in the increase in the prevalence of alcohol use, which is among the substances with a high risk of addiction. In addition to the subjective reasons that lead the person to use alcohol, the approach of the society to alcohol use can also be effective in the alcohol use attitudes of the people. These factors, which can become evident in the process of socialization and acculturation, are learned by the individual through observation and experience and transferred to the next generations by being articulated with traditional elements. Especially in relatively closed communities, social reinforcements have an important role in making intergenerational transitions sustainable. With this study, it is aimed to determine the social factors that play a role in the intergenerational transmission of alcohol use in the Gypsy society and its reproduction in the next generations. In accordance with this purpose, research was conducted on the Gypsies living in Üsküdar Selami Ali neighborhood, which is one of the oldest settlements in Istanbul. Qualitative methods were used in the research. For this purpose, in order to determine the social factors that play a role in the transmission between generations, users who continue to use alcohol for two or three generations among the same family members were determined. After the preliminary interviews, alcohol users were selected from those living in this neighborhood in accordance with the sample of the research. The findings obtained from the research were handled within the scope of Social Learning theory and analyzed by associating them with the traditional elements of the Gypsy subculture. As a result of the research, it has been seen that intergenerational learning processes are an important factor, especially on the formation of addiction, and this effect is observed in a higher level culturally relatively closed societies.

Alcohol addiction, Gypsies, Social learning, Social work, Migration.

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