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Abu Al-Hasan Al-Ash’ari and His Political Understanding
Abu’l-Hasan al-Ash’ari is the founding father and theoretician of al-Ash’ari sect which is one of the two important and common branches of Ahl-Sunnah thinking. He was a Muslim theologian whose opposition to the Mu’tazilah movement during the 10th century CE helped to define Sunnism. He is one of the scholars of kalam who have produced valuable works on caliphate and politics. At about the age of 40, Ash’ari underwent an enormous theological conversion in which he rejected the more progressive Mu’tazilah theology. He was greatly influenced by the teachings of Ahmad ibn Hanbal, who had founded a school of religious law that emphasized the fundamentals of Islam. Ash’ari combined the strategies he had learned as a student of the Mu’tazliah movement, his own ideas, and the teachings of Hanbalito establish a system of Islamic doctrine that would later be known as Ash’arism. He was not only an Islamic scholar, but also one of the most influential and important Islamic thinkers of the Muslim world. His impact on the development of Ahl-Sunnah thinking (kalam) and Islamic political thought as well as his contribution on the creation of the understanding of Caliphate are significant. His efforts to propose solutions, by depending on theological point of view, for the political problems of his time, are worth to investigate. In this article we are dealing with the main futures of his understanding of caliphate and political state.

Religion, Politica, al-Ashari, Sunnism Caliphate, Islamic Political Thought.

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