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The Opinions Elmalılı Muhammad Hamdi Yazır about Islamic Modernism and in this Context the Criticisms Directed to the Muhammad Abduh – At the Example of Sûra el-Fîl-
Elmalılı Muhammad Hamdi Yazır and Muhammad Abduh both are biggest and largest thinker and philosopher and commenters in last century. In this our article, we discussed both of the ideas and thoughts of thinkers about Methodology of Tafsir (Commentary /Interpretation) and looking in miracle and tafsir of Sura el-Fîl. Both commentators, who lived in similar geographies and cultural and social and political and religion atmosphere both are struggled opposite to the modernism and positivism movement for defend the Quran and Islamic thought. In doing so, Abduh have behaved more comfortable and freer and more reformers to reveal this attitude and opinion of modernism; but Elmalılı not relax by Abduh and he behaves as a traditionalist thinker but he exposes a deep and serious scientific thesis in their works. Both Abduh and Elmalılı are have dominated the literature of religion and philosophy. But Elmalılı is directing to the positive science and writes the scientific tafsir. Abduh is directing to the social sciences and focusing to reform and innovation area on the religion and for guidance the humans. So Abduh is known as a reformers and modernist and selefî; Elmalılı is known as a traditionalist scolar and inclined to the commentator of theologian school. In the commentary of Sura el-Fîl Abduh is look to the Fîl event as ordinary subject and doesn’t see the miracle of event. But Elmalılı sees to the size miracle of behind the event of Fîlnd directing the serious criticisms to the Abduh.

Modernism, Classical thought, Salafism, Interpretation

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