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Analysis of Hadiths Regarding “Wife’s Not Leaving the House Without Having Permission” in the Context of Husband’s Rights and Conceptions Regarding of the Leaders of Islamic Schools
Islam that changed the conception of women prevailing in the era of jahiliyyah (ignorance) by granting revolutionary rights and thus caused women to earn new high status, couldn’t maintain its glory in the era of Prophet (peace be upon him) and flashback has begun. The most important reasons for this may be sorted as unreliable oral reports (hadiths being not authentic or sound), islamic jurisprudence based on these unreliable oral reports, and the “human factor” who ignores intentionally or unintentionally the verses of Quran and sahih hadiths or or who interprets them in the view of his own knowledge/experience, by considering traditions and ancestral beliefs. Everything that involved the human factor is open to questioning but closed to sanctification. The major obligation on today’s islamic and particularly hadith scholars is to examine narrations (oral reports, hadits) and jurisprudence that takes place in the main sources of Islam elaborately (in a very thorough way) once more, and distinguish sound and unreliable ones. This study herewith, revaluates analyses of some of the reports (narrations) that has been used as an evidence by some denominations (especially four sunni Islamic Schools) restricting or in fact prohibiting married women needing to go out, in view of muhaddits (hadith narrators).
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Women, Ask for Permission, Leaving the House, Alimony, Disobedience.

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