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Hell Waters and Drinks According to the Holy Quran
It is a divine favor to humans that Allah has informed them about the quantities of hell. Even though it’s originally named after fire, and is thought to use fire as the tool of punishment; it also contains water. The water in hell, described by the Qur’an; comes in two kinds. The natural source liquids, and the liquids that come out of the bodies of its residents. These dark colored, yellowish, red, tar-like black, hot, toxic and stinky liquids of hell were prepared as a punishment for the deserving, and to have them drink it when thirsty. These liquids will be used for the torture of hell folks by pouring it onto them, and dipping them into puddles of it. When hell folk get severely thirsty and hungry, they’ll be served thorny food that will get stuck in their throats, and to help with swallowing they’ll be forced to drink these liquids. The food and the liquid that they manage to swallow will stir up and boil their insides, and cause another torture. They will be constantly thirsty due to the difficulty of drinking these liquids, and the heat of hell. Because the liquids of hell are not refreshing or satisfying in any way. Apart from these varying waters of hell, there is also a segment of hell that has a weather so cold that it’s more scorching than fire. It would be natural to hear sobbing, angry and boiling sounds from the fountains, rivers, ponds and even seas of hell.
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