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A Review of Kastamonu Letters as a Source of Value Education
Although people have the potential of good and beautiful behaviors, they can have positive or negative behaviors for different reasons. Gaining the values that are socially accepted by individuals has been negligible from the earliest period of human history. Different assessments have recently led to the prominence of values and education of values. These values, what values individuals should have, the content of these values, how to transfer these values to next generations and how to evaluate these values have become the main topics of scientific research. The aim of the study was to review Kastamonu Letters in the Risale-i Nur Collection in terms of values. In this regard; questions such as "What are the values in Kastamonu Letters? How these values were evaluated by Bediüzzaman Said Nursi?” were tried to be answered. The study was conducted on the copy of Envar Publications. The descriptive research approach was used to determine the values in Kastamonu Letters. The study sample was Kastamonu Letters. In Kastamonu Letters written by Bediuzzaman Said Nursi, values such as responsibility, self-defense, contemplation, thanksgiving, refrain from hostilities, cooperation, consultation, piety and wisdom were emphasized. Addressing many values in the letters was one of the main reasons of selecting this bookas the sample of the study. The document scanning method was used to collect the data. The data obtained by document scanning method was analyzed by using descriptive analysis method. This method was used because it allows us to present and interpret the data in a systematic way. The data obtained as a result of the study were classified and interpreted and the list of values given in Kastamonu Letters was created. In this regard, it is concluded that Kastamonu Letters can be used as a useful source in the education of values since it is quite rich in terms of value messages in the modern sense.

Value, Value Education, Values List, Kastamonu Letters, Risala-i Nur

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