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Fıgures of Speech, Grammatıcal Terms and Basıc Concepts Used in Sudı’s Annotated Work of Bostan
The traditional use of annotated texts constitutes a significant place in Turkish literature. Literary texts or poetry difficult to understand are annotated to make them easy to comprehend. Meaning concealment and figurative speech are artistic features easier to incorporate into the works of Ottoman School of Classical Poetry than in prose. In annotated literary texts the annotator presents poets’ favours, their literary competence, cultural awareness, critical perspective and intellectual capacity while he analyses the text from different perspectives. In the annotated work of Bostan words and affixes were analysed in terms of grammatical accuracy, information about the parts of speech of the words was provided, the modality of the verbs were mentioned, typology of the syntactic structures was exemplified and semantic meaning of the words was worked on in line with the concept of analytical reading of poetry of the period concerned. If any figure of speech was used in each pair of lines, it was clearly noted. Whether the word was used in its connotative meaning or metaphorical sense was sometimes given along with its denotative meaning while all the probable meanings were listed in order. Upon the analyses of the words, the whole process of annotation was completed by providing the sentence meaning. In this way, the work would be completely annotated when all the pairs of lines were annotated. After mentioning Sudi’s biography and his literary works, this article referred to the literariness of the annotation. The grammatical terms which are widely available in Sudi’s Annotations were defined with examples and information was provided on the meaning of these terms.

The Annotated Work of Bostan, Figures of Speech, Grammatical Terms, Terms of Annotation

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