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An Examination on the Relationship between Prayer and Psychological Well-Being
All prayers in the religion of Islam have a lot of physical as well as spiritual benefits. It can especially be stated that the prayer in the religion of Islam that is practiced with the body, tongue, heart and mind encompassing the praying methods of all creatures can be considered as a prescription for health for today’s contemporary people who complain of various mental disorders. In this regard, “Personal Information Form” and “Psychological Well-Being Scale” were used as tools for measurement in our study, the objective of which was to examine the relationship between prayer and psychological well-being for people between the ages of 15 and 65 and above. It was observed as a result of the study that there was a positive and significant relationship between the psychological well-being states of people and their status of praying five times a day and futile prayers. In addition, various statistically significant differences were determined in our study between the socio-demographic variables and the praying status of the sample group. Accordingly, it was observed that the obligatory and futile praying percentages were higher for women in comparison with men, for those with lower education levels in comparison with the higher educated and for older people in comparison with younger people. In addition, whereas it was observed that there was no statistically significant difference between the five times prayer status of the participants with regard to their economic status, it was determined that those with higher economic levels had a significantly higher futile prayer status in comparison with those from a lower economic level. In addition, it was also observed in the study that the psychological well-being of the sample group increased as the level of belief to the idea of “praying because there are five pillars of Islam and to gain the consent and love of Allah”.

Five Times a Day Prayers, Futile Prayers, Psychological Well-Being, Socio- Demographic Factors, Psyc

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