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The Function of Virtue ın M. T. Cicero’s Thought
Cicero’s (B.C.106-43) philosophical considerations, which is one of the important figures of the latest stoa thought, shaped by happiness, virtue, homework and life appropriate for nature, reflects the general character of Helen period. Cicero had moved his philosophical views that have emerged as far back as to Rome and aimed to raise the intellectual accumulation of society. It is also possible to see the influence of political conflicts and battles during the period of living on the thoughts of a bridge between ancient times and medieval times. The discussions on the nature of people with periodical influences brought together the search for the ideal human / citizen. Thus, in virtue of the combination of theory and practice, it can be said that each end a purpose and as much as the sum of a value that the person is after has found itself a place. This issue will be addressed that this philosoper’s the prominent aspects of virtue opinion, which are highly productive in many areas. Again, this article has been taken with the awareness that the matter of virtue is not and will not be lacking in the philosophical literature. Anyone who is dealing with philosophy should not be considered unaware of this subject.

Philosophy, Ethics, Cicero, Virtue, Function

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