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A Study on Mascots Used by Host Countries in Olympics
The Olympics, which are organized every four years, summer and winter games, are considered as the world's biggest sports organizations. Olympic Games; It has a great importance in terms of revealing the geopolitical position, technology, material, spiritual values, social elements and world views of the country. These important organizations are seen as an opportunity to introduce themselves to the world by the countries where they are organized. The mascots used in the promotion of the countries and the meanings of the country are one of the important factors that serve this purpose. Mascot used as a brand identity, sales tool or as a means of entertainment and pleasure especially for children; a person who is expected to bring luck is defined as animal, goods, auspiciousness. The purpose of this study is; The aim of this course is to examine the unique characteristics of the Olympic mascots used by the host countries in the modern summer and winter olympic games with different aspects of the concepts, points of departure and their intended use. In the study; The analysis of the written documents containing information about the facts and events on the subject examined was used to collect the data.A total of 24 mascots were used in the study, which were used by the host countries in the Modern Summer (1972 Munich-2016 Rio de Janeiro) and Winter (1976 Innsbruck - 2018 Pyeongchang) Olympics. According to the findings obtained from the survey, the Olympic mascot was first used in the summer Olympics in 1972 / Munich, and there were 24 mascots in the summer and winter Olympics, 12 were used in winter and 12 were used in the summer olympics. the mascots inspired by the imaginary heroes and the human figure of the three, and the mascots used in the summer olympics, were inspired by the animals, one by the imaginary hero and one by the mythological themes. In general, all mascots symbolize some of the characteristics of the host countries, and all of them have positive meanings that are identical to the spirit of the Olympics.

Olympic, Olympism, Summer Games, Winter Games, Mascot.

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