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A Culture Volunteer Naci Elmalı and His Erzurum Magazines Achieve Story
Cultures of the cities consist of the people who vitalize them and then they move on. If we are able to speak of the Turkish culture today, we should appreciate the precious culture professionals in public or civil institutions who responsively devoted themselves to this issue. Perhaps the cities are still ours and they got somewhere under the favor of those culture professionals seen in every period. In this sense, we need to say that Erzurum has an important role in raising the culture professionals who gets involved with their culture. Thus, by means of these culture professionals Erzurum has became the most important cultural centre of the east. In this study, mentioning about the magazines and magazine publishing we will try to tell about the precious investigative journalist Naci Elmalı who served for the culture of Erzurum. We will also mention about his adventure of collecting magazines and magazine archive according to the interview with him.

Naci Elmalı, Magazine, Erzurum Magazines, Culture of Erzurum

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