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Determination of the Tourist Potential of the Regional Products of Erzurum
Handicrafts, food and beverages and other local products, which have reached the past from the past to the present, are the most valuable assets that have witnessed the past of our country. The unique architectural structures, clothing styles, food and beverage types of the different regions and the handicrafts of the region are the elements that need to be transferred to the new generations in the future that will provide the tourist gain in the future. They offer a variety of information to local and foreign tourists about the characteristics of the region. In addition, tourist-souvenirs, inspired by the examples of various handicrafts of the region, play an important role in carrying the past to the present with new designs. In addition, souvenirs purchased by tourists from the destinations they visit are one of the most important tourism sources and a necessary element for tourist attraction. From this point of view, the aim of the study is to determine the touristic potentials by analyzing the current situation of the regional products which are important cultural heritage sources. In this context, the relevant national and international literature was examined in depth and synthesized. As a result of the study, local and souvenir products which are specific to the province of Erzurum were determined and suggestions were made to give importance to these products as regional touristic product.

Souvenir, Regional Product, Tourism Potential, Touristic Product, Erzurum

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