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A Theoretical/Structural/Conceptual Approache to The History of Islam: The Case of Cabiri
Scientifics developments and advances in any field depend on methodological and epistemological studies carried out in that field. Developments in the field of history and particularly in the history of Islam will also be obtained by studies on method and episteme of these field s. Today, views in history became considerably varied, thus different approaches to the history of Islam should be developed and already existing approaches should be taken into consideration. In these study Cabiri’s el-Aklu’s-Siyasiyyu’l-Arabi (The Political Reason in Islam) which is a comprehensive example of methodological (theoretical/structural/conceptual) approach to the history of Islam is discussed. Information on its content is given and general characteristic of Cabiri’s approach is evaluated.

History of Islam, Theory, Structuralism, Political Reason, Akide (İnanç), Tribe, War Booty.

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