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A Bibliometric Analysis on Ergonomic Risk Assessment Methods in Manufacturing Enterprises
Ergonomics, which is the process of adapting the physical environment to the human, aims to prevent the wear and tear of employees due to excessive stresses and to maximize employee performance. For this purpose, it can be stated that ergonomics applications will provide positive benefits for both employee and employer and considering today's economic and social conditions, the importance of ergonomics in enterprises is increasing. In this study, a research has been carried out on the evaluation of the studies on ergonomics in manufacturing enterprises. In this context, studies on risk assessment methods in the field of ergonomics in manufacturing enterprises in the national literature were analyzed bibliometrically. During the determination of the studies, inquiries were made using the relevant keywords. As a result of the investigations, the research universe was evaluated according to the status of the research. In the analysis phase, answers were asked to what are the ergonomic factors in the studies, what methods are used in the evaluation of ergonomic risks, the frequency of use of methods, what are the applied sectors, and the distribution of the studies according to the years. As a result of the analyzes, suggestions were made for the researchers who focused on ergonomics.

Manufacturing Enterprises, Ergonomics, Ergonomic Risks, Bibliometric Analysis

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