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Evaluation of Writing Texts of Foreign Students Learning Turkish Language in Terms of Spelling and Punctuation Rules
Language education is important because it includes both emotional and cognitive processes. Because, through language education, individuals have the opportunity to express themselves and to interact socially. Language education is generally divided into two groups as mother language education and foreign language education. Foreign language education is directly proportional to the skills of using the mother language. Because individuals use the language learning strategies they use during their mother language learning process. This situation requires the multidimensional planning and analysis of the teaching of Turkish as a foreign language. In this study, it is aimed to determine the mistakes of the students in lessons of writing in the process of teaching Turkish as a foreign language. Qualitative methods were preferred in this study. Twenty students selected randomly from B2 group in Turkish Language Teaching Center were participaded in the study. The data source of the this research is the texts written by the students who take the Turkish language lesson in their writing lessons. The texts written by the students taking Turkish language lessons during the research were evaluated in terms of writing and punctuation rules. In the research, texts were analyzed by using document analysis. As a result of the research, student’s grammar rules in general, wrong transferring from their mother language, punctuation mistakes etc. have been found to have problems in terms of. Through this study, it was tried to determine the main source of the mistakes made by the students who learn Turkish in their texts. The results of this study are thought to help educators in the planning of writing education programs.

Teaching Turkish to Foreigners, Writing Education, Language Education, Turkish Language Education, W

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