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The Story and Review of Carl Reinecke’s Flute Sonata, ‘Undine’
In this study, life of C. Reinecke and music of the romantic period have been depicted along with the musical aspects of the period. Undine sonata has been described along with the story of the novel that Reinecke had been inspired by while composing this work, and also the chapters have been analysed technically and interpretively in terms of form and performance. Aim of this study conducted is, starting from the fact that the work was composed with inspiration by a story, to understand that the music and the story complete each other. Examination of the sonata is the analysis of the new timbre, tone, music and dynamic perception developed with the romantic period as a technique of rhythm, sentence, form, and performance. The fact that flute as an instrument was more developed technically and in terms of timbre in the music of the romantic period improved its capacity in works and orchestra compared to the previous periods, and flute became an instrument that most composers preferred. At the same time, works of the flute repertory in the romantic period were, compared to the works of the previous periods, among the ones whose volume and capacity increased more, and that became more productive in terms of color and timbre, and that were richer in terms of addressing feelings. These elements have been described through the qualitative research method for this sonata, which is one of the most beautiful and most important works of the flute repertory in the Romantic period. As a consequence, narration of the story as integrated with musical themes, and flute perception, interpretation and technical analysis of the romantic period are expected to allow us to better understand the music of the period as well as the work, thus the work to be performed in accordance with the request of the composer.

Undine, Reinecke, Sonata, Flute, Romantic Era.

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