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Religious Education from the Perspective of a Philosophy of Analytical Education Philosopher: Example of Paul H. Hirst
In this article, Paul H. Hirst's views on the philosophy of education as general and religious education as particular have been examined. Hirst is a philosopher of the philosophy of analytical education. The philosophy of analytical education is a trend which is developed under the influence of analytical philosophy after the traditional education philosophy. The analytical education philosophers who applied this method of analysis in education criticized the traditional education philosophy as insufficient in the solution of current educational problems and have adopted a philosophy of education which is based on the analysis of basic concepts related to education. As an educational philosopher from the tradition of the philosophy of analytic education, Hirst argued that the main task of the philosophy of education was analysis, and gave priority to the analysis of the basic concepts related to education. He developed his views on religious education based on the philosophy of analytic education. In this context, Hirst argued that depending on analytical education philosophers view upon the nature of education and their understanding of information forms, education and the philosophy of education based on Christianity could not be developed. These views were criticized by the renowned religious educator Hull. In contrast to him, Hull argued that a critical understanding of education based on Christian theology could be developed. Considering the pluralist and the secular social structure, Hirst has the view that a form of religious education that is not based on faith and which aims at gaining factual knowledge about religion should take place in schools. His views influenced not only the prominent religious educators but also has played a role in shaping new religious education models developed in recent years which are non-dogmatic approaches to education.

Paul H. Hirst, Philosophy of Analytical Education, Religious Education, Moral Education, John M. Hul

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