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The Pragmatic Obsessionso the Storyteller Yusuf Atılgan
Yusuf Atılgan does not owe his success to the clarity in his narration, not to the fact that the characters are society-excluded people with chronic existential problems, in which many readers see parts of themselves, not to the use of a action-based language rather than intertwined abstract narration or not to a realistic depression that never finds peace. So that a comparison in a narrower field is possible, we will try to make the applications especially on his stories (without neglecting his novels). The success of Yusuf Atılgan is that he balances the language between the locutionary and perlocutionary levels and builds his own special pragmatic order. After explaining the basic order of speech-act theory (without neglecting the distinction of pragmaticism), we will try to apply the pragmatics based on Ch. S. Peirce, W. James, F. C. S. Schiller, J. Dewey (thus versatile) to Yusuf Atılgan's texts. Since I think that the ultimate direction of this sequence of analyzes will be the “functionality of pragmatism in analyzes of literary texts” and that language philosophy belongs more to the disciplines of language rather than philosophy, I will try to deliver the theory and practice side by side, or inside each other. As the analyzes will show, Yusuf Atilgan is settled between a more anti-pragmatic attitude and Pragmaticism, the new pragmatist understanding of Peirce.

Yusuf Atılgan, Pragmatism, Ch. S. Peirce, W. James, Speech Act Theory.

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