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Typology of New Zealand Terror Attack; A Critical Evaluation on Frame of Ethnicity Theories
There are different theoretical approaches as to whether ethnicity, nation, nationalism, and consequently ethnic problems are the results of modernity with the beginning of establishment of nation-states or they exist with human history. Primordialist and perennialist approaches claim that ethnicity is natural and given with the existence of man, or at least dates back to an unknown age. Modernist approaches claim that phenomena such as ethnicity, nation, and nationalism have a history of the several centuries and have been constituted by the political elite as an effective means to protect their own power and interests. Whichever approach is centeralized, it is seen that, in the modern era, ethnic problems, albeit indirectly, are included at the basis of all kinds of discrimination between people and / or communities. It is undisputed that issues related to ethnicity appeal to people’s feelings and therefore cause to extremes. Therefore, ethnic problems should be accepted as the source of all kinds of extremist discrimination, especially racism. The attack on New Zealand on March 15, 2019 at two mosques in Christchurch, where innocent civilians were massacred, should not be considered independent of the radical right-wing sociological and political trends in Europe in recent years. In this study, the evaluations were made within the framework of ethnicity theories regarding the nature of the action and sources of motivation in the context of the New Zealand attack, the target victims, the fiction of the action and the messages of the attacker. While the concept of ethnicity is outlined and explaining the theories of ethnicity, a comprehensive literature review was conducted, and while linking ethnic-based problems with the attack on New Zealand, current news and interpretations about the event were reviewed in the written and visual media. As a result, it was shown that the New Zealand attack corresponds to the character of “global ethnic terror”.

Ethnicity, Ethno-symbolism, Racism, Islamophobia, Global Ethnic Terror.

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