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Evaluation of Ninian Smart's Views on Religious Education
In this article, the contribution of Ninian Smart to religious education is examined. Firstly, his views on the nature of religious research have been evaluated in terms of their impact on religious education. The methodology of religious studies he advocated which includes non-dogmatic, objective, critical, pluralist and secular ideologies and the approach of defining the nature of religion, have been explained. While presenting his views on religious research and religious education in schools, Smart depended on today’s society's secular and pluralistic structure and the state's principle of impartiality in religious matters. According to his, the approach of religious teaching, which aims to develop faith as a reflection of a Christian-centered and defensive theology, has become questionable by teachers and students and has not been accepted in terms of their basic assumptions. Smart considered that the integrity of the education system should be maintained and that an organic connection to religious teaching was required at all levels of education. He argued that religious education in schools should be impartial and pluralistic. Also, religious education should focus on developing understanding and tolerance rather than developing faith, and the main objective of this education should be the development of children's capacity to think and understand religion.

Religious Education, Ninian Smart, Religious Studies, Phenomenological Approach, Non-Confessional Ap

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