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The Spiritual Care Intended for the Disabled People in the Context of Hadiths
Disability is a social and concrete case that is directly interested in most families in our country as it is fact all of the world. The most important thing about disability is to have efforts to resolve or decrease the problems of the disabled people who has met in their lives and to have efforts for them to cling to their lives. This implies also that the people should take responsibility for the disabled people and they should concern with the disabled people to take responsibility for them. In this article, spiritual care of disabled people is investigated on the basis of the Prophet's hadiths. In this context it is taken attention about the spiritual cares that have place between social obligation and express holistic services which is human-centered to improve spirituality of disabled people and to make them at peace with their inwardness and to increase their clings to their lives. It is put forth the importance of consolation, advices, hopes, morales for the disabled people besides approaching them with love and care in providing their spiritual needs. It is also taken attention about the importance to help the disabled people in all respects and to avoid from the behaviours disturbing them and to have cooperation with them about keeping supports in the context of social responsibility and to be aware of responsibility about patience, endurance, thanks giving, testing and expectation of God's reward. Also in the study in the context of the prophet’s approaching to the disabled people and his views on the disability fact, it is put forth the meaning of the resolutions that are reached for society and individual.

The Prophet Muhammed, Hadiths, Disabled, Spiritual Care, Disability

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