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Comparative Analysis of Housing Types and Usage Types in Rural Settlements According to Morphological Units in Salihli District
More than 75% of the total population lives in cities today in our country. However, in recent years due to the exhausting tempo of urban life, it is possible to say that interest in rural areas has increased. This interest reveals new housing presentation formats in rural settlements. Therefore, the studies on rural settlements contain old approaches in themselves and gain a different dimension as well. The aim of this study is to make a structural comparison of rural dwellings in plain and mountainous areas in Salihli district morphologically and reveal the change in residential usage practices as a result of changing needs. In the research descriptive analysis method was applied and through field observation, residential types and changes in usage were analyzed. Salihli, the subject matter of the study, is a district of Manisa and is located within the borders of the coastal Aegean part of the Aegean region. Rrom the past to the present, most of the people living in the district provide their living through agriculture and animal husbandry. Particularly viticulture is one of the most important branches of economic activity. Rural dwellings are the housing types which have the strongest sustainability on natural environment conditions in terms of structure and form. On the other hand, there are sometimes changes in the materials that are used in rural areas housing types Salihli district. Particularly the effects of modernization tendencies that have emerged in recent years are often seen on the rural settlements of the study area. The housing types used in rural dwellings and emerged in parallel with the natural conditions were replaced by tiles, cement, iron and etc. by developing transportation systems, increasing communication opportunities and strengthening of the connection with the urban population However, there are still many examples of characteristic rural dwellings related ot the natural environmental conditions. In the field of the study, structural and functional changes are observed in rural residential types.

Rural, Residential, Changing, Settlement Geography, Salihli

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