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Analysıs of the Theses’ Content in the Discipline Project Management in Sports in Turkey
The aim of this research is to analyze the research tendencies of the theses made in the discipline of sports management comprehensively. The research is a descriptive study and the thesis studies were subjected to content analysis by document analysis. The universe of the study consisted of national theses conducted in the fields of “Sports Management”, “Sports Management”, “Sports Management Sciences” and “Sports Management and Recreation” which were registered to the Council for Higher Education National Thesis Center database from 2000 to 2019. The sample consisted of 341 theses, 292 of which are master's and 49 of which are doctorate and open to electronic access. In order to collect the data, a Theses Review Form was prepared. In this form; 10 different themes such as thesis type, year, university, institute, department, university type, research method, study group, data analysis technique and data collection tool were subjected to content analysis. According to the findings obtained: it was determined that the theses made in the discipline of sports management were made in 2019 and at the social sciences institute at most, the theses were at the master's level, and the theses at the doctorate level were less than the 20-year period. It has been found out that theses on the subject are written mostly in public universities and in the department of sports management, the most used research techniques is quantitative method, most of the sample group are athletes and sports managers, Correlation analysis, t-test and ANOVA are used as the data analysis technique, survey/scale is used as data collection tool.

Sport, Sports Management, Sports Management Sciences, Graduate Education, Content Analysis

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