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Verb-Hurūf al-Jarr Relationship within the Context of Mutaaddī via Hurūf al-Jarr
Hurūf al-jarrs are from the hurūf al-ma‘ānī letters group, which is one of the two types of letter concept in Arabic. Hurūf al-ma‘ānī are used in Arabic as equivalents of prepositions, conjunctions and some suffixes in Turkish. The most obvious function of the hurūf al-jarrs, which are used to connect the elements of a sentence, is to determine the form of the relationship between the verb and the noun they connect. With these functions, hurūf al-jarrs give details about the time, place, reason and manner of action, on the one hand they determine the position of the noun in the sentence. Within this context, an important function of the hurūf al-jarrs is to be at the beginning of the mafūl bihi gayri sarīh and connect the name affected by the action. In this case, the relationship between huruf al-jarrs and verbs is a relationship that mediates the transitivity of the verb. In this function, it is often necessary to use letter and verb together. There are studies dealing with the verbs used with such hurūf al-jarrs and listing them alphabetically. However, the aim of this study is to analyze the verb-hurūf al-jarrs relationship in general and to determine the hurūf al-jarrs that is not separate from the verb and to deal with the subject from a theoretical and holistic perspective.

Arabic Language and Rhetoric, verb, Hurūf al-jarr, Syntax, Mutaaddī.

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