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Writing Autonomy Levels of Middle School 7th Grade Students and Analysıs of These Levels in Terms of Various Variables
In the process of acquisition of writing skills, writing autonomy is the self-learning responsibility of the student and the student’s ability to conduct self-learning in this context. The aim of the present study was to determine the writing autonomy levels of the middle school 7th grade students and the differences between these levels based on various variables. The study group included 527 seventh grade students attending secondary schools in Efeler district in Aydın province, Turkey during the 2018-2019 academic year. The study was conducted with the general survey model. The study data were collected with the “Writing Autonomy Scale”. The study findings demonstrated that the general average writing autonomy score of the students was 46.059 ± 9,370 (Min = 22; Max = 66). While there were no significant differences between the writing autonomy scores of the students based on parental education level and attending preschool education; however, there were significant differences based on the number of books read the previous year, final Turkish course grade and gender variables.

Writing Autonomy, Writing Skills, Middle School, 7th grade, Writing Education.

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