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Numerical Miracle of The Quran in Scale
Over the last decades, there has been a trend to study the numerical relationship in the Noble Qur’an. The scholars studying this area called it “The science of numerical miracle of the Holy Qur’an”. However, many of the research efforts and its subsequent results of this subject seem to have some elements of affectation and arbitrariness. Hence, other authors took the opposite direction and denied such numerical relationships in the Noble Qur’an. They consider what has been reliably reported in this area by ancestors and prominent Interpreters as subtleties and tips, outside the scientific core. In view of this dispute, I wrote this paper with the title: “The numerical miracle in balance”. In this study, I elaborated on the definition of the concept of the numerical miracle, how it was developed and the evidence of its supporters. Then, I had assessed and worked out all arguments around the matter. Keyword: Quran, miracle, mu'cizah, i'caz, number, Islam, science, interpretation

Quran, miracle, mu'cizah, i'caz, number, Islam, science, interpretation

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