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Ms. Pauline Espir’s Notes on Her Trip to Anatolia (7th September-15th October 1950)
Ms. Pauline Espir, an officer from the British Information Office in Istanbul, organized a touristic trip to some provinces located on the eastern front of Turkey during the Cold War years in the aftermath of World War II. Main purpose of this visit was to make observations and investigations on the recent nature of tense Turkish-Soviet relations as well as identifying the level of development in the region. Mutual policy of tension in the pre-war years between the two countries was sustained in the years following the war. The report which is based on notes taken during the trip organized between 7th September and 15th October 1950, bears resemblance to diplomatic reports in terms of being taken into consideration for the British foreign policy. The report involves evaluations about popular perception of the Soviets, geographic descriptions, impressions about authorities, ethnic and religious origins, economic relations, folkloric elements, politics and electorate as well as common perception of foreigners.

Ms. Pauline Espir, Trip to Anatolia, Eastern Front, Demokratic Party, Cold War.

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