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Intersections of Different Disciplines with Social Psychology: A Study on Van Samples
The present study has two purposes. The first is to systematically examine the relationship between social psychology and different disciplines based on the studies in the Van samples. The second is to explore the featured social-psychological topics in Van samples. For the purpose, the dissertations and theses in the Institutes of Social Sciences, Education Sciences and Health Sciences at Van Yüzüncü Yıl University between 2000 and 2020 were systematically reviewed. This review included empirical studies with full text available involving at least one basic social psychology topic and collected from the samples in Van. A total of 169 dissertations and theses meeting these criteria were accessed. The studies were classified considering their references, methods, and social psychology topics. The results highlighted the topics such as attitudes, group processes, self, and interpersonal relationships. The results showed that social psychology is an important source of scientific information for many different disciplines including education, fine arts, tourism, business and public administration, geography, literature, psychiatry, public health, and nursing.

Social Psychology, Different Disciplines, Van Samples, Social Psychology Topics, Systematic Review.

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