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The Effect of the Tale Enriched with Music in the Multi-Grade Classes on the Academic Achievement
In our country, different methods are used in order to continue education due to reasons such as insufficient number of students, teachers and classrooms at the primary school level, and transportation problems in the region where the school is located. One of these methods is to combine at least two classes to create joined classes where education and training are provided by a single teacher. The fact that more than one age group teaches in the same environment in multi-grade classrooms reduces the efficiency of the education process and prevents students from learning permanently. Increasing efficiency in lessons, providing permanent, effective and meaningful learning is related to the functionality of teaching methods and techniques applied in lecture. Traditional teaching methods and techniques are often insufficient in this regard. In line with the interests and wishes of the students, it is expected that more active participation and academic achievement will increase by adapting the activities they enjoy doing to the lessons. Based on all these, fairy tales, one of our most culturally and socially important literary genres, have been blended with academic achievements and turned into a course material with all verbal, visual, and fantastic elements. In order to enrich the narration and make it more fun, children's songs suitable for the table were written and composed, and musical tales were created. In this study, the effect of tales enriched with music on academic success in the multi-grade classrooms was examined. The study group of the research consisted of 51 students studying in 2nd, 3rd and 4th grades. 25 of these students are in the experimental group and 26 of these students are in the control group. According to the results of the analysis, it has been observed that there is a significant difference between the groups with traditional method and with the tales of the tales.

Multi-grade class, academic achievement, education with tale, education with music, traditional meth

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