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Formation of Art Work in the Context of Image, Imaging and Imaging Concepts
It is known that artistic creations exist with man. It has been observed that these creations have triggered creative processes and have offered them new perspectives which allowed them to have the ability to exist as new artistic creations on their own. One of the most important things that emphasizes an artist’s place and importance in a society is the fact that the development of the creational phenomena that is attached to the artist has influences on numerous other fields. From this point on, due to the scope of our research, the creation of artwork formed in the context of imagery, imaging and imagining within the periodic processes, the variable attributes of imagery and artwork based on imagery were mentioned. The concepts of imaging and imagining based on the imagery and the imagery’s role was mentioned to emphasize the importance of the work. Descriptive method was used in this study. Concepts related to the subject; qualitative data were evaluated and the factors and causality of an art work in the formation processes of an art work were examined by adhering to the concepts of imagery, imagery and imagery. The purpose of this work is to observe the images used in the works of art, ones that reflect which periods it has been through and according to this, reflect events and phenomena based on the certain societal activities at the time. This reflection allows us to understand the imagery’s purpose and the creational processes it offers to the artist. During the creation of an artwork, the variables in the societal fundamentals and differences between cultures, which reflects a civilization’s socio-cultural attributes, also prepares a ground for the reflection of daily rituals specific to these societies. The imagery and the concepts bound to it; indicator, symbol, theme and subject, which carry the attributes of the societies of the past form a unity and play a crucial role which reflects certain differences belonging to these societies. Imagery, imaging and imagining concepts were examined to understand their place in the artwork under this subject.

Art, Artwork, Imagery, Imaging, Imagination.

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