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Determining the Effect of Jigsaw Technique on Students’ Academic Achievements through Meta-Analysis Method
This research aimed to make a systematic review of the experimental studies related to Jigsaw technique, one of cooperative learning techniques, conducted in the years of 2005-2012 in Turkey and to determine the effect of Jigsaw technique on students’ academic achievements, retention and attitudes. In this context it was tried to answer the question of "What’s the effect of Jigsaw technique on students' academic success?”. Among 37 (25 articles, 12 theses) studies searched, 11 ones (6 articles, 5 dissertation) in which pretest-posttest method was applied and comparisons between groups were made were selected in particular. Those studies incorporated into meta-analysis and including academic achievement scores were analyzed with random effects model and it was identified that the calculated value had large effect size (ES = 1.1971) according to Cohen's (1992) classification. In conclusion, it was found that using Jigsaw technique in learning environments was effective on students' academic success, retention and attitude scores.
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Jigsaw technique, traditional learning, academic achievement, and meta-analysis.

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