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Grandfather of Linguistics Humboldt
Wilhelm von Humboldt, one of the founders of linguistics, has eighteen points of unfinished notes in the center of his views about this matter. Although the notes titled “Theses on the foundation of general linguistics” ceased at the point where the theoretical explanation began to turn into objective solutions, it sheds light on Humboldt's views with the distinction and originality of the language directed. It was tried to draw a wide and functional framework for Humboldt's linguistic understanding as much as possible. Looking for a system for linguistics, Humboldt is wary of the language being a living being and its infinity. Nevertheless, he advances his opinions enough to classify it into “general language”, “special language” and their extracts “historical language”. Especially geist's feature of carrying the language and the transcendence of the language, the necessity of addressing languages as a whole due to their interactivity and implications such as the language carrying and creating culture shows how inclusive and original his look is. Although there is a common “text tradition” that everyone already uses and shaping speech, the fact that each individual is producing a new “text type” each time and one thinks only through the words in his mind, it requires the study of “cognition”. Only “thought and language”, “me and the world”, “semiotics”, “language and national character” have not been studied in this context, and the content has been extended until Humboldt's return to language philosophy. It is almost impossible to make a judgment about “linguistics” without realizing the views of Humboldt, who understands the language and the language spoken by the people and regards language as the creative tool of thought.

Wilhelm von Humboldt, Linguistics, Philosophy Of Language, Semiotics, Noam Chomsky, Karl Bühler.

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