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The Importance of Advice on the Sign of Quran and Al-Sunnah
Talking about advice is to talk about religion; On an occasion when some of his companions paid their allegiance to him to advise all Muslims, the Prophet (pbuh) remarked that “religion is (good) advice. The significance of (good) advice is clearly depicted through its social and educational impact which reflects positively on the individual and society; this further suggests its religious, moral and educational significance. It seems that this important aspect of the society has long been neglected resulting in the rise of deplorable tendencies – which wouldn’t have surfaced – in the Muslim ummah had the duty of advice and counseling been intact. It is perhaps for this reason that this research acquires importance; moreover it is a topic which is fleetingly present and requires continuous reminding every now and then.

Quran, Al-Sunnah, Islam, advice, religion, right, sign, reward

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