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Covid-19 pandemic and distance education: Problems in implementation
The aim of this study is to determine the opinions of the students, whose face to face education opportunities have disappeared in the Covid-19 process, about the obligatory distance education they have received. For this purpose, the opinions of 13 students [10 male (76.92%) and 3 female (23.08%)], who were participated on a voluntary basis, were consulted. Students' ages range from 20 to 24 (Mage = 22, Sd = 1.22). Findings show that successful faculty members in distance education have the ability to make effective presentations, communicate quickly and create quality content. On the other hand, it is seen that the faculty members who are found unsuccessful are only satisfied with the sharing of notes, share poor quality content, do not communicate and give incomprehensible instructions in their homework. While the autonomy of following the course content and participating in the course is perceived positively, the view that students' sense of responsibility is damaged is stated as a negative factor. During the distance education process, it was evaluated positively that the course evaluations were prepared by the software algorithms for calculating the results quickly, impartially and without being affected by environmental factors. The availability of cheating and not publishing answers were considered negative. Although the students themselves did not have any problems, it was determined that some of their friends did not have access to the computer or the internet and that they were worried that the devices they accessed might have insufficient speeds. It has been determined that it is important to get feedback in communication with the lecturer. In communication with friends, it has been reported that there are communication problems and problems. The results are discussed in accordance with the literature.

Corona, Covid-19, Distance Education, Problems, University, Students.

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